FilGoal | News | a file provides live and direct coverage of the press conference ceremony to introduce the new coach of Al-Ahly, Ricardo Soares.

And Al-Ahly announced his contract with Soares, with a two-year contract.


Ricardo Soares: Our fans are always in love and supportive of Al-Ahly, and what saddens me is their inability to come to support the team from the stadium, given the number of attendees, but we promise you to offer what you love and soon you will fill the stadium again and our goal is to make you happy.

Ricardo Soares: Our ambition is to play better than the opponent, but because we play a match every three days, for sure, this will be influential, but our goal is that the fans are happy to see Al-Ahly play, and we also know very well that winning is important for us and for them.

Ricardo Soares: Public pressure to win? A coach who does not know how to play with pressure cannot be a coach. We know that there is definitely pressure to work in the biggest club in Africa and we are here to win every game. I am ready to press and this is part of the work.

Ricardo Soares: From the first moment in my negotiations with Al-Ahly, we began to analyze the team’s matches and play it even though we did not know whether we would have to choose or another coach. On the technical level, the players in Egypt are very developed, smart, understand the course of the match and can think. I thought that we should add some commitment and be more organized in the matches, but I felt that the team with the course of the match was less focused, and one of the reasons for coming here is that there are players at the level We can develop them as well.

Ricardo Soares: Seasons coexist? This is an important question, our main goal is to win, but as I said with the victory we must play well and I explained to the club’s management that there are some things we want to add to the team to play football at a high level, and we need to have ideas to deliver to the players, because in order to play well, the training must be stable so that I can Working with the players, but we are in Al-Ahly and we are required to win, and the size of the Al-Ahly club imposes on us the need to win. Our main commitment is to win, and certainly in the future we will play better than we will start with. Evolution will be faster.

Ricardo Soares: The physiologist Pedro Guimarães will have a more detailed role. He will be responsible for analyzing the GPS data, any new technology used in football, the number of kilometers each player runs, and if a player is doing well, how do we get the most from him or how to increase his muscle mass, All this is to strengthen the player physically so that the player becomes better every time, as well as his role appears on the field and the goal is to reduce injuries and for everyone to be ready all the time.

Ricardo Soares: I worked with the staff in Portugal before, and I know what the club looked like before I came, but the information will be bigger and better after I come and work. If we are the best club in Africa, we must be the best.

Ricardo Soares: Of course we want to play good football, the most important thing is to win, but with good football.

Ricardo Soares: Good first impressions gave me a great idea about Al-Ahly and the size of the club, and I know that the responsibility is very big and our goal is to win new titles.

Ricardo Soares: Al-Ahly is known worldwide, and before my arrival in Egypt, of course, I sought to learn more information about the club. By the club before, and I contacted a Portuguese legend who previously worked in Al-Ahly, Manuel Jose, who helped me with many positive information about the club and his ambition, and Manuel Jose was happy to come to Al-Ahly.

Hossam Ghaly: The duration of the contract with Soares is two years, with the completion of the current season, approximately two and a half years, and he will lead the team starting from tomorrow’s match against Petrojet in the Egypt Cup.

Sayed Abdel Hafeez: I wish success to make Al-Ahly fans happy.

Syed Abdel Hafeez: The basis for any success is discipline and commitment, and all the previous sessions between the administration, the Planning Committee and Soares were to lay the foundations for work in the coming period to serve the team and succeed.

Sayed Abdel Hafeez: This is a new page in Al-Ahly, and here we are not starting from scratch, but we continue on the previous work.

Soares: We depend on the support of Al-Ahly fans, and no one is above Al-Ahly and Al-Ahly is above everyone, and I can say that all the players will give everything to win, and we also strive to have a distinct technical personality for us in the matches, and this is a great challenge for us.

Soares: I know the responsibility of coaching a team like Al-Ahly, and we have a great ambition to do the best for the club. I am happy to be here and represent the biggest club in Africa, and from now on we will start a new era.

Soares: I thank Sami Komsan for his efforts with the team in the past period, and he will have a great role in the technical staff, not only communicating and agreeing with the club, but by benefiting from his technical expertise and the information he has about the team.

Soares: Luis Pedro will be the performance analyst for our competitors and responsible for the videos that tell us everything about our competitors.

Soares: Paulo Lobo will be responsible for everything related to the goalkeepers, and for raising their technical efficiency.

Soares: Pedro Guimarães is a trained physiologist responsible for tracking private data generated by GPS and responsible for injury prevention training.

Soares: Raul Faria is our performance analyst and is responsible for improving the individual skills of players.

Soares: My assistant will be Mauricio Bach, and he will be responsible for organizing the work and the physical part of the players.

Soares: I thank everyone for attending the press conference and I am happy to be in your country to represent the biggest club in Africa and one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Hossam Ghaly: We trust him and the entire administration supports him, and I hope that the Al-Ahly fans will support him well, as he is aware of the size of the responsibility entrusted to him and has great ambition to achieve the best results.

Hossam Ghaly: Soares did not tire us out in negotiating financial matters, and was very flexible in contracting and aware of the size and value of Al-Ahly.

Hossam Ghaly: After that, we met via Zoom with Soares, and then we had another meeting in the presence of Al-Khatib, and he was settled after that.

Hossam Ghaly: Amr Shaheen and Amir Tawfiq were assigned by Mahmoud Al-Khatib to search for a new coach for Al-Ahly, and we met with more than one coach of more than one nationality until four were settled, including Ricardo Soares, and before all that we set standards for the new coach and all of them applied to him.


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