Fierce action with a pregnant woman from Sofia and a car thief on Evropa Blvd. PHOTO

Extremely brazen theft took place the day before in the capital, writes. A thief stalked a pregnant woman who went to a 24-hour auto parts store in the Lyulin district on Europa Blvd.

The woman had to change a light bulb, and while she was in the store, the arrogant man got into her Mercedes.

Violeta Milanova, hearing the hood of her car close and rush outside, grabbed the door of her vehicle, after which the dzhigit started and dragged her.

The victim tells about the horrifying incident on a social network. She asks whoever sees the car to call the indicated phone number.

See what she wrote:

“Mercedes” cla 220 СВ2023СВ was stolen in front of a 24-hour auto parts store in Lyulin, Evropa Blvd. I had stopped in front of the store to change my light bulb seller, I heard the hood close and I left the store, grabbed the car door, but the thief got up and did not even stop before I was pregnant, dragged me by car , after which I fell. Police tried to stop him, but he fled in the direction of Kostinbrod. Please if anyone sees her call 0879965561 “.


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