Festival Emergences 2007

Emergences #5 “SmartCity” http://www.festival-emergences.info/2007 The festival returns to its quarters at the Maison de La Villette for a festive display full of surprises. On the program are two exceptional evenings of performances, concerts, installations and other eccentric shows, which turn into two electric sleepless nights bringing together key figures from the European electro scene. Struck by the gift of ubiquity, Emergences creates artistic bridges with its Strasbourg accomplice, the Les Nuits Electroniques de l’Ososphère festival, which takes place at the same time: simultaneous programming of network performances, digital creations, live broadcasts and temporary radio common to both events. This edition also marks the launch of a new Smart City theme that broadens the festival’s field of investigation to new forms of artistic creation in the urban space: locative art, art in context, urban artistic guerrilla, interactive city, new architectures and urban landscapes, mobile art, urban game art, new urban cultures and other forms of artistic appropriation and criticism of the city. Far from a simple urban event, it is a question here of initiating a real artistic project of reflection, creation and intervention around the smart city (both in the possibilities offered by technological innovations and in its citizen development, balanced and sustainable). Smart City is materializing this year, at the Cité Internationale Universitaire in Paris, with an international meeting, the starting point of an important project led by maze bringing together several European cities.


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