Ferrero, € 2,200 bonus to employees for the goals achieved

Good news for Ferrero employees. The company, in fact, has recently decided to recognize a premium of 2,200 euros gross. Here’s what happened.

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Due to Covid, the government has decided to adopt a series of restrictive measures over the last few months through which to try to counter the spread of the virus. A situation that has had, and continues to have, a significant impact both from a social and a social point of view economic, with many entrepreneurs forced to lower the shutters of their businesses.

Precisely in a particularly complicated context such as the current one, therefore, the decision of the Ferrero to give their employees a premium equal to 2,200 euros gross. A news that certainly did not go unnoticed, with the employees of the well-known company who will thus be able to benefit from a richer paycheck in October. So let’s go into the details and see why.

Ferrero, € 2,200 bonus to employees for the objectives achieved: agreement signed with trade unions

Excellent news for Ferrero employees. In fact, an agreement was recently signed between the company and the trade unions on individual reward linked to the objectives, or Plo, which will allow employees to benefit from a richer paycheck in October. The multinational from Alba, in fact, will distribute to its employees in Italy, about 6 billion between employees and workers, executives are excluded, a average amount of approximately € 2,200. The maximum amount that can be reached, for the current year, is 2,320 euros gross.

The premium, in fact, is slightly different based on the place of work of reference. The amount is determined by the trend of two parameters, namely the economic result and the management one. The first, unique for the whole company, determines 30% of the premium amount. The management result, which determines 70% of the premium, on the other hand, refers to the specific performance of each establishment.

An undoubtedly important decision, with agency and trade unions who have expressed full satisfaction for all the activities carried out to guarantee the protection and safety of workers. In fact, during a video conference meeting, as stated in a note, the parties analyzed market trends, production prospects and investment programs.

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But not only that, both Ferrero and the trade union organizations, as already mentioned, have expressed “Full satisfaction for the results achieved and for the quality and importance of the projects, investments and initiatives implemented in all company offices, recognizing the strategic role of consolidated and profitable industrial relations“.


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