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Feel up, up, up! Destination John

by drbyos

Welcome to Jaani! St. John’s Day is a story that highlights the city’s edge of nature, the warmth and whim of the people, the unique sights and colors of our destination. Director: Roger Maunder, Up Sky Down Films http://www.upskydownfilms.com Soundtrack: singer-songwriter Brianna Gosse single “Better in the Clouds” http://www.briannagosse.com Special thanks (in order of appearance): Allan Hawco , General Rick Hillier, Rick Mercer, Brad Gushue, Mary Walsh, Jeremy Charles, Bob Cole, Mark Critch, Amelia Curran, Alan Doyle. There is time for walkers, eateries, golfers and visitors. RNC installed device. This video and the materials contained in it are copyrighted by St. Petersburg unless otherwise noted. John’s and they reserve all rights. You may not modify the content or any portion of the music or copy the images in the video for commercial use. Without their consent, you may not use the name of the destination John or any material in the video to imply endorsement, sponsorship or affiliation.

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