Federal 3: Montluçon wins in the derby against Moulins (16-10)

We played the 79th, Sunday November 28, at the Loue Stadium in Saint-Victor (Allier), where a few meters from their test line, the Montluçonnais forwards who had laid the barbed wire in front of the ultimate Moulinoise furia, succeeded to get a penalty. That of the win, since less than a minute later, the referee whistled the end of the game on the victory of the premises, 16-10.

Solidarity until the end, as throughout the game, the forwards had not given up and the Ovalie Club Montluçon thus won the Bourbonnais derby, against FC Moulins.

A harsh and rough derby

It was also a real derby, harsh and rough, certainly without card, but punctuated by (very) numerous whistles from the referee, ordering penalties and scrums with metronome regularity. Not to mention the many clumsiness on both sides, due to a slippery balloon, due to the weather conditions. It was not the day for the big flights.

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Montluçon resists the assaults of Moulins

And if, after two penalties marked on both sides, in the first minutes of the match, Moulins settled in the local 22 meters, Montluçon, unlike the previous Sunday against Issoudun, did not break (10th).

Better, six minutes later, a succession of rucks allowed Branescu to register the first try of the meeting, transformed by Capdeville (10-6).

Everything was played in the middle of the field between the two packs

Montluçon, who had not accustomed his supporters to such a start, then dominated the debates, but everything was played in the middle of the field, at the level of the two packs.

In the 33rd, Capdeville added a second penalty (13-3). And while we were heading quietly towards half-time, a ball lost by the CMO in its 22 meters was paid cash. The forwards visitors pounded the local line and Amadon scored a try converted by Parmentelot (13-10 at the break).

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Montluçon settles in the Moulins camp

From the beginning of the second period, the Montluçonnais settled in the Moulinois camp, penalized several times. Missing even a (almost) all-done try, following a forward (48th).

Capdeville passed three new points (16-10 in the 51st) and the locals continued their domination, admittedly sterile.

Indeed, they could not take advantage of several highlights and penalties whistled in their favor. Particularly in the final minutes, while they were camping in the opposing 22 meters. What they almost regretted, during the last and furious against Moulinois.

Philippe Werth



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