Fear of Side Effects, UK Ministry of Health Bans Children 12-15 Years Old from Being Injected with Pfizer Vaccines : Okezone Lifestyle

GOVERNMENT indeed encourage the Covid-19 vaccination to be carried out in children over 12 years old. The vaccine used for children over 12 years old is a vaccine made by Sinovac.

This policy is also carried out in various countries, including China using the same vaccine. However, the British minister has asked health officials to review the guidelines that have been made taking into account the possible problems that could arise when schools start.

According to a Fox News report, the decision for healthy children not to receive the shots was due to concerns over the long-term side effects of Pfizer’s vaccine. The reason, one of the side effects that can occur is inflammation of the heart.

“The vaccine benefit margin is considered too small to support universal Covid-19 vaccination for this age group now,” said Wei Shen Lim, chair of Covid-19 immunization for the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI).

“For now, the committee ensures that it will continue to monitor security data once the data is complete,” he continued.

Information from The Telegraph explains that the British government itself has actually issued a policy to expand the scope of the Covid-19 vaccination, namely for children with chronic heart, lung and liver conditions.

Previously there were 200,000 children registered, previously this group was declared unfit. “The reason we decided to vaccinate children with two doses is because we saw the health benefits for the children themselves,” said Anthony Harnden, vice chair of JCVI.

“This is a very serious mental health issue. So when this child is exposed to Covid-19, he can pass it on to their parents or grandparents who live in the same house, whose immunity may be vulnerable, and this will endanger them all,” he said.

According to him, the vaccination will give children protection from spreading the virus to their parents or grandparents. “If that happens, it will haunt the children for the rest of their lives,” Harnden added.



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