FC Bayern spared promoted VfL Bochum 7-0

An early Saturday evening, when the FC Bayern soccer fans streamed out of the stadium in Munich and probably told each other again about the seven goals, Julian Nagelsmann was sitting in the press room and gave a short lecture about throwing in. “We had four or five throw-ins in the first seven or eight minutes,” he said and then critically noted that his players had come too often towards their own throw-in in these situations. He recalled that when you throw in you always have “one player less on the field”, which is why you have to throw high and far every now and then as a “safety variant”. And because his players hadn’t done that, Nagelsmann said about the first seven or eight minutes in the Bundesliga home game against VfL Bochum: “The game was too often in our half.” Oh, by the way: The game ended 7-0.

It was a fitting punchline that Nagelsmann, Bayern’s coach, gave a lecture on throw-in errors at the end of a working week in which his team won 4-1 in Leipzig, 3-0 in Barcelona and 7-0 against Bochum. Now you have to add that a reporter asked him if there were things after such a seven-goal win that he didn’t like.

But it said something that the first thing he thought of throwing it in. And so the question arose again, one that has already been discussed so often: What does that actually mean for the rest of the season when the new coach in Munich can only find detailed errors on matchday five?

View to Leipzig

Nothing good, of course. All you have to do is look to Leipzig, where there is a club that, because of its ties with Red Bull, was actually trusted to seriously challenge the champions from Munich for at least a few months year after year. Now five game days are over – and in the table nine points difference between Munich and Leipzig, the first and second last season. However, it is also true that the first has bought the defensive boss, the midfielder, the head coach and even the assistant coaches from the second this summer. Is a competition in which this occurs still a real competition at all?

Whistles turned into applause: Leroy Sané won over Bayern fans not only with his remarkable opening goal.  Photo Imago

Whistles turned into applause: Leroy Sané won over Bayern fans not only with his remarkable opening goal. Photo Imago

Image: Imago

In the Bundesliga, which has become a Bavarian league over the past decade, one should point out the competitive disadvantage of the competition over and over again. But you should at least now and then recognize how well these Bavarians use their competitive advantage. Not just in the good times, but also in the not-so-good times. This summer, for example, they had to replace the six-title coach Hansi Flick – and they signed Nagelsmann quickly, whose influence is becoming more visible game after game.


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