FC Barcelona: Umtiti burst into tears at the meeting he had with Laporta

Samuel Umtiti will stay at Barcelona this season. Although Barcelona wanted to place him at all costs in the past market, in the end he made the decision to continue a year after he had a meeting in person with Joan Laporta. It was a very tense meeting, but in the end the footballer achieved his goal, which was to stay.

According to Mundo Deportivo, the footballer collapsed in front of the president and began to cry. First there was a lot of tension between the two when Laporta blamed him for having played so little in recent years after having started. Umtiti defended himself saying that the club’s doctors had not been successful in treating his injury.

Laporta believed the footballer’s version and agreed that he would stay with the team. I assured him that he would talk to the coach to be sensitive to his situation. It was at that moment that Umtiti began to cry fruit of the tension that had been experienced in the meeting, always according to the aforementioned newspaper.



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