FC Barcelona: The viral video that explains the reasons why Messi could not have played for free at Barcelona




Ehe ex-footballer and current technical secretary of Burgos FC, Miguel Prez Cuesta ‘Michu’, presented at a press conference several years ago an example with lvaro Medrn to explain LaLiga’s salary limit, which perfectly sums up why Leo messi I couldn’t have played for free in the FC Barcelona. According to Michu, one of the reasons would be that the LFP it is not believed (with the Medrn case) that it will charge such a low amount when it comes from such a high contract.

The video has gone viral on social networks after the words of Joan Laporta during his interview on RAC1 where you review the news of Barcelona: “I hoped there would be a change of course and say free play, but we can’t think that a player of that height would do that, “he said.



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