FC Barcelona: The harassment of De Jong must end in court

In the last days some footballers have suffered verbal and physical attacks when going to their job and all the consequence of media campaigns launched or suggested on occasions from the clubs themselves. to those players they are accused of wanting to fulfill their contract. Tremendous. The world upside down. Soccer becomes the only performance in the world in which the worker cannot exist.

ensure compliance with what is signed and initialed. And all because from the offices of the clubs they play with that of feeling and love for some colors so as not to have to comply with what was agreed. When interested, of course.

Can you imagine a worker giving money to his company?

Don’t tell me that doesn’t sound weird. What

achieve with that pressure is to place the footballer in the spotlight of some fans

who feel betrayed, when deep down what they are being is being manipulated. The fan, hand in hand on many occasions with the opinion of journalists, speaks of terminations, of throwing out this or that player by force, as if there were no rules and laws, those of any worker without going any further. Barcelona has become in recent days that example of a club that, faced with extreme needs to be able to solve problems, has moved the tree with too much impetus.

The alleged illegal contracts of some footballers have been leaked

, including Busquets and, what a coincidence, De Jong. Even

There has been talk of denouncing these contracts from the club

. And all to achieve an end, which is none other than giving in to the pressure for the footballer in question to leave the club. The AFE will have taken note of everything and acted. That footballer (De Jong) irreproachable in his behavior has made the tremendous mistake of demanding what was signed.

He has been going for nine months (winter market of 2021), feeling how the Barça board filters how much he charges and how important his departure would be

for the stability of the club. Reaching the limit of transferring the request for help to facilitate the transfer to some journalists, as recognized in Barcelona. His arrival was greeted as one triumph and his possible departure as another. Curious. DeJong

is being harassed

and the midfielder represents many other players who find themselves between a rock and a hard place. They are received at their workplace with insults and shaking of their cars. Martin Braithwaite has suffered moments of tension in recent days in the face of clear scenes of harassment. And behind many more anonymous ones.

The problem in all these situations comes when the mass

or any of those fans to call them in some way, they do not measure and

they go on the attack without any control

. The press must measure the messages, but above all they are

the leaders of the clubs who are obliged to think before speaking

and, above all, before signing contracts that end up being convictions.

Some clubs have learned

and they set the bar very high when it comes to withstanding the pressure of signing for signing. They made the mistake in their day and now they examine any movement in detail. They assume what is signed and period. And there are nearby examples that endorse it.

For example, Real Madrid

. Another day, if anything, we’ll talk about registrations and Barcelona.

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