FC Barcelona: The Camp Nou returns to dictate sentence

El Camp Nou it has color again in the stands, but that also implies that the fans can manifest themselves openly. Before the pandemic, the followers already showed their dissatisfaction with a team that ended that season, after the break for the covid, untitled and dropping 2-8 in Champions against him Bavaria de Mnich.

The absence of supporters in the stands meant that in the last season and a half there was no airy reaction from the fans. But, with the return to the stadiums, the fans return to dictate sentence. They have already whistled several players in this start.

At Gamper, at Johan Cruyff Stadium, the followers showed their first complaints. In the middle of the summer market, after the goodbye of Messi, and with the need to lighten the payroll of the workforce, the followers called on Griezmann, Umtiti, Pjanic, Alba and Sergi Roberto. These last two, in full negotiation for the salary adjustment.

Against Real society were opened for the first time, and after 17 months, the doors of the Camp Nou. 20,384 fans were able to enjoy the debut of the team in LaLiga and also express yourself freely. Piqu got the ovation of the night after having lowered the salary. Instead, Alba had some whistles and Laporta also, although not generalized.

In addition, some banners against the president were hung nearby. Messi in Paris, t in Ibiza; Laporta Judas you cheated on D10S; The Bara is not your business; Laporta lackey of Florentino; Laporta liar; Laporta slave of the enemy; and Bara s, Laporta, no.

The faces of the Bara players in the changes: Jordi Alba, Piqu, Sergi Roberto …

Umtiti and Sergi Roberto

Against him Getafe, the fans returned to show their opinion. In the moment in wich Koeman put to heat UmtitiThe French was greeted with whistles. It should be remembered that days before it had been announced that he would continue in the entity, despite being one of the players who do not count for the technician. The stands reacted the same with Griezmann during the match. Against him Bavaria de Mnich, the biggest whistle was for Sergi Roberto.

In fact, Piqu and Koeman they have already had to come out on several occasions in defense of players. The center-back was the most blunt when it came to talking about Umtiti and Sergi Roberto. “He is fulfilling the contract with all obligations. People have to be empathetic. The attitude is impeccable. He has never missed a training. What do we whistle? Most people have been in a company for 30 years and do nothing. If I were in another club, for example in the United, will be doing the same as Umtiti“, said the central the past 6 of September.

In the case of Sergi Roberto, Piqu assured that his whistles hurt a lot and that it must be taken into account that the Reus plays in a position that does not correspond to him.



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