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“I was shocked.”

Out of the dream! Sergio Agüero (33) joined FC Barcelona on a free transfer from Man City in the summer. Also to play with his friend and compatriot Lionel Messi (34) in a club.

But as is well known, nothing came of it! In an interview with the radio station “RAC1”, the Argentine now reveals how he experienced the Messi farewell.

It doesn’t get any hotter!
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“I didn’t ask him much about it this summer,” explains Agüero, who competed in the Copa America with Messi. “He told me it would work out. And I thought: ‘good’. But didn’t want to ask him about it every day. “

That’s why he was “just as shocked as anyone” when it happened and Messi left Barça.

The heavily indebted FC Barcelona could not offer the Argentine international due to the upper salary limit of the Spanish league, Messi finally signed with Paris Saint-Germain.

For Agüero it was never an issue (other than was sometimes reported) wanting to leave Barça after the Messi news: “I have no idea why it was discussed. When I signed, Leo still hadn’t signed anything. “

Which he shouldn’t do anymore …

In addition, Agüero was aware of the difficult financial situation of the Catalans from the start.

“When we talked to Barça about money, it was clear to me that they were not doing well financially. But I told my advisor that money doesn’t matter. I wanted to go to Barcelona “, the ex-ManCity player clarifies:” It was obvious that I won’t earn the same as I did at City. “

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Strange rule prevents Ronaldo debut on TV!

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Agüero, who will not make his debut in the Barça dress before October due to a calf injury, looks positive for the season despite the departures of Messi or Antoine Griezmann (Atlético): “Good players left, but we have players to replace them. Barcelona will always play for every trophy. We’re not the favorites for the Champions League, but the other teams will respect us. “


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