FC Barcelona: It is too easy to score a goal against this Bara

First of all, it must be said that Barcelona needed a victory to stop the bleeding of points that the team was having in the last matches. The first part was spectacular, with some kids who pushed a lot and they got two goals that in normal situations would have been enough to get all three points. But no, this Bara does not close the matches as it should.

Youth, who brings so much to this team in the process of rebuilding, has another side. They lack experience to know how to lead the games, they need tactics that slow down the rival, have control of the team’s time …

This back Barcelona has a problem.

In the first part they already made a mistake in a lateral foul. Luckily Roco sent a clear chance to the clouds. Fatal mistake. Like Alba’s in a child’s head butt that was about to cost a goal. And then came the many.

The first badly defended and the second from a gift from Araujo

. These mistakes cost a lot because they ruin an excellent previous work. Yesterday the scoreboard was turned around and this Sunday they will all be very handsome. Other days there won’t be so much luck. And then there is the first kick on goal, the first goal.

Ter Stegen’s thing is worrying

. Another game in which he does not save his team. And there are already too many. Barcelona need a goalkeeper to appear and score points. And this season Ter Stegen does not give points.

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