FC Barcelona: Eduard Romeu: “The management of Mr. Florentino Prez is to take off his hat”




Eduard Romeu, economic vice president of the Barcelona, went through the microphones of El Partidazo de Cope and Radio MARCA to give an account of the complicated financial situation of the Barça club. One of the heavyweights of the Board of Directors also analyzed the future of Koeman and what happened in the meeting held this Thursday.

Real Madrid business work:

“It is possible that they could sign Mbapp and Haaland. Madrid is a great club and has a very great strength. If we had done our homework in recent years, we would be in the same situation. Florentino Prez has a club management that is to take off his hat. At an economic and business level, no one is going to discover Mr. Prez. I have great admiration for him on a business level and on a personal level he has been very kind every time we have met. I can only give words of praise to him. “

Messi case:

“In the end, Mr. Tebas has done the work of Messi for us. We have a problem called Fair Play due to an inherited situation, but if we sign a document we can make a different interpretation. In the end, that was not possible because it was something undeniable. that compromises the solvency of the club and it was a 50-year mortgage for an exorbitant price. The fund invests 2,000 million euros and turns it into 22,000 million euros. That for a club like Barcelona represents a financial cost of more than 13% and We have the option of financing ourselves below 2%. That operation was ruinous. We would have loved for Messi to continue, but in those terms we cannot assume it. Above anyone is the club. Obviously the responsibility lies with the club, but we inherit a catastrophic situation and these are the consequences. “

Current economic situation

“The present and the future conditions us a lot. We already took the reins in March and in six months we have done an immense job to improve the situation at a structural level. We have to continue working, but we intend to return to business as soon as possible. to be at the competitive level. We have to put the salary and expenses of the club in tune to be able to return to the world of transfers and compete with the best clubs in Europe “.

Defeat against Bayern

“We had the worst rival at the worst moment. With several injured players, against a consolidated team, after being stopped by national teams … It makes us angry, but it was something that entered into the equation. Now there are three league games and we have to try to add the 9 points “.

Losing to Madrid or Atltico

“When you play, you can win, lose or draw. Bayern have a very consolidated team and we are doing it. We have just announced a signing and they were already playing for the needs of the script. We have transferred these young players directly to the BUP, there are “To give them a margin, make a team takes a while. Koeman has what he has. When the injured come back, we will have a more rolling and competitive team and we will see the real Bara. The team that played on Tuesday had certain shortcomings.”

Hope in the team

“I think they will give us many afternoons of glory. I see the team very committed and with great enthusiasm. The disappointment of our players was very great after losing to Bayern. Another issue is that they dominate us and be more successful.”


“He is a very correct person. When the president and the board of directors decide that Koeman follows the commitment and the support is total. Knowing that it is a very complex moment in which we have to rebuild a team. Losing 0-3 to Bayern was something that entered the equation. “

Is there money to kick Koeman ?:

“The political answer is that there is no case and the real one is that it is not a money problem, but it is that there is no case. Not applicable.”



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