FC Barcelona: Concern at Bara: the ‘partner’ does not rejoin the Camp Nou

El last Thursday the deadline to order tickets for the first Champions League game that takes place in the Camp Nou this season. It is not just any clash because the rival is Bayern, one of the greats of Europe and with whom there is a pending account for two years when the Catalans conceded a dursimo 2-8. For this meeting, the Generalitat has allowed 40% of the available tickets to be put on sale. That is Barcelona could sell almost 40,000 tickets.

The club activated the mechanism provided for not having full capacity and opened the deadline for subscribing members to make their requests. And here came the surprise because before one of the great parties that can be seen in Europe, the partners they did not cover the quota of tickets for sale. There were only 31,213 requests. In other words, about eight thousand stayed at the box office. No lottery was necessary to distribute them.

It is not an isolated event because in the previous game in front of Getafe the quota was not covered either. Then only 20% of the capacity could be sold, which is about 20,000 tickets. Only 19,136 were requested and the draw was not necessary either. It is true that it was a game at five in the afternoon in the middle of August and against a rival of a lower category such as Getafe, but the reality is that the quota was not covered.

The data gives the Barça directive to think. It is a clear sign that something is not working when after more than a year with the fields closed, at the moment when the tickets are sold again the public does not respond. And even more so when one of the games has the appeal of a rival like Bayern. Because for this encounter, there has been more than 25,000 subscribed members who have not wanted to go to see the game, they have not even requested it.

One of the objectives is to get the ‘soci’ back to the Camp Nou. Apart from any campaign that the club wants to do, the main claim to be a good sports careerThat the team hooks the fan with its game. Since the last time the Camp Nou was open, they have left Messi, Luis Surez and Griezmann. These players, especially the first two, were clearly a call for people to go to football. Now it’s the turn of Memphis, De Jong, Pedri and Ansu Fati. We’ll see if they get it.


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