Fatal accident with a bike and VAZ-2115 in Moscow caught on video

Fatal accident with a bike and VAZ-2115 in Moscow caught on video

Motorcycle passenger dies in collision with passenger car in Moscow

In Moscow, at the intersection of Sovkhoznaya and Krasnodar streets, an accident occurred involving a car and a motorcycle, a 38-year-old passenger of the bike died, the prosecutor’s office of the capital reported on the Telegram channel. The driver of the motorcycle was also injured in the accident, the man was hospitalized.

According to preliminary information, a 30-year-old driver of a VAZ car did not give way to a moving motorcycle when turning left.says in the message.

The moment of collision between the motorcycle and the car was caught on video from surveillance cameras. The footage shows how the motorcyclist flies into the VAZ-2115 at speed, the motorcycle flies off from the impact. Establishment of the circumstances of the accident, the progress and results of the inspection will be controlled by the prosecutor’s office of the SEAD.

Earlier in the north of Moscow, Haval and Audi collided. The car of the Chinese brand flew into a German foreign car, which stopped before leaving on the outer side of the Third Ring Road. The Audi driver died on the spot from his injuries, while the passengers in the cabin, including a minor, were injured, in addition, the car sharing driver was injured in an accident. The moment of the accident was caught on video.

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