Farmers are pleased with “Jurin” to pay the difference for the next 14 weeks

Mallika revealed that Jurin paid the difference to farmers in the next 14 weeks, “Paddy Rice” received the highest compensation, followed by “Jasmine paddy”.

On January 15, Ms Mallika Boonmeetrakul Mahasuk, Advisor to the Minister of Commerce, revealed that from following up on the farmer income insurance policy By Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, leader of the Democratic Party (UDD), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, in the 3rd year rice farmers income guarantee program, he has guaranteed the price of 5 types of paddy, namely jasmine paddy, 15,000 baht per ton. Not more than 14 tons Hom Mali paddy outside the area 14,000 baht per ton Not more than 16 tons Paddy rice 10,000 baht Not more than 30 tons Pathum Thani paddy rice 11,000 baht per ton Not more than 25 tons Glutinous paddy 12,000 baht per ton Not more than 16 tons Like 2 last year

Ms Mallika said that the latest report from the Subcommittee on Supervision and Criteria Reference refers to the rice farmers’ income insurance scheme. Knock on the reference price for rice planting year 204/22, Round 1, Draw 14, with a resolution to pay the difference to farmers registered to grow rice farmers for the year 204/22, specifying the expected date of harvesting from 7-13 Jan. 2022, amounting to 5 types for reference price and payment of difference. The 14th installment is Hom Mali paddy, priced at 11,522 baht per ton, compensated for 3,477 baht per ton, Hom Mali paddy outside the area, priced at 10,993 baht per ton. Paid 3,006 baht per ton, Pathum Thani aromatic paddy at 10,059 baht per ton, 940 baht per ton, paddy at 8,347 baht per ton, 1,652 baht per ton, and glutinous paddy at 10,451 baht per ton, 1,548 baht per tonne. Received the difference for the 14th installment, the highest as follows: Hom Mali paddy 48,683 baht, Hom Mali paddy outside the area 48,100 baht, Pathumthani fragrant paddy at 23,504 baht, glutinous paddy 49,571 baht, and glutinous paddy 24,770 baht. In the 14th installment, 5 types of compensation were paid for the difference. after the price of rice continued to rise and paddy received the highest compensation, followed by jasmine paddy. The farmer who harvests on this date will receive the next week’s money in the account. BAAC who notified the registration of planting

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