Farid Bang – In Istanbul – Video Report Part 1

Anyone who can still remember Farid Bang’s intercultural trip to Belgrade with Kollegah knows that the young man from Düsseldorf is one of the most eloquent travel guides in the German rap world. Well-read and educated like Farid Bang is, he shows us the wonders of the Ottoman world in these two clips. With sentences like “Turkey is a cool country” he does justice to the magic of the country and its people and actually everything is said. The self-declared man of the world lets himself be beaten by a hairdresser, learns Turkish, plays backgammon and admires Christian churches and introduces us to the fairytale world of the city on the Bosporus. Have fun with the two videos that Farid Bang made available to us exclusively for the release of the new album “Asphalt Massaka 2”.

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