fans discuss Tina Karol’s rounded belly (PHOTOS)

The network is actively discussing a new photo of the singer Tina Karol. The picture shows her clearly rounded tummy.

Tina’s photo showed on Instagram.

Tina Karol, against the background of rumors of pregnancy from Moldovan musician Dan Balan, continues to intrigue Instagram subscribers.

The day before, she came out in a fitted outfit that emphasized her rounded shape. Fans are sure that the 35-year-old star is expecting a child from her beloved. There is no official confirmation yet, but on the Web, only the lazy does not discuss the performer’s probable pregnancy.

So, on one of Tina Karol’s fan pages, a photo appeared in which the singer showed a daring outfit. The actress poses in a leather dress with a zipper on the chest and thin shoulder straps. The bold neckline and small tummy drew attention to itself.

“I recovered very much”, “I don’t understand, is she really pregnant?”, “A very unfortunate photo of Tina”, “Not a lady, but an advertisement!”, “The tummy is visible”, “Dan Balan will be happy”, “A beautiful cat”, “ I typed a little in quarantine, “” Our Tina, very cute, “commented netizens.

Note that Tina chose the appropriate outfit for the live broadcast “1 + 1”, where she presented an unusual clip-trilogy “Find Friends”, consisting of three title songs of the new album of the same name. In particular, this time Karol performed the lyric song “Boat”.

Previously, Tina Karol gracefully posed on the bed for an important project.


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