Fans are asking Rockstar to release even more GTA remasters using memes

On Friday Rockstar finally put an end to all rumors and speculation, announced Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition.
Remastery GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas promise to release on PC and consoles (including Switch) at the end of the year, and in early 2022 – on Android and iOS. Insider Tom Henderson, citing two anonymous sources, approvesthat the release will take place on November 11th.

Meanwhile, fans of the series have already filled Reddit memes hinting that it would be nice to update the rest of the parts. Moreover, in the case of the latter, there is no discrimination – for now, submit updated versions to one GTA 1 and 2, others are eager to receive Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories etc.

It is difficult to say whether this will make Rockstar think about it, but we note that in recent years there have been many imitators of the classic GTA: for example, American Fugitive, Rustler and Glitchpunk.

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