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Family whisperer Dr. Quarrel: How to take a real break

by drbyos

Expert Dr. Philip Streit gives tips on how to recharge your emotional battery.

Do you know that? You feel driven, become inattentive and unfocused. You doubt your abilities and no longer feel noticed and honored by those around you. You wonder why all this. You no longer feel yourself or the others and nag more than is good for you. You lose your temper, become either tearful or aggressive. These are all unmistakable signs that your emotional battery is empty and your willpower, creativity and vitality are weakening. Some feel that they might need a break now, but they just can’t do it. This is then often the beginning of the downward spiral: Negative thoughts and brooding, no sleep, self-doubt and withdrawal dominate everyday life. So that it doesn’t get that far, here are some tips on how to recharge your emotional battery:

  1. Accept that you are tired and exhausted and stop.
  2. Take a break of at least 60 to 90 minutes
  3. Then treat yourself to something, do something good for yourself. However, this doesn’t always have to be a treat. A look at nature or a good piece of music can also work small miracles. Treat yourself to a longer break more often, such as a walk.
  4. During these breaks, notice the beautiful things and write them down in a notebook in the evening.
  5. Say thank you to yourself and to others more often.
  6. Sleep. Ten-minute power naps and a daily sleep of eight hours keep you fit.
  7. Move. Get up from work, do some squats, pushups, or do a little yoga exercise. It is beneficial to be out of breath twice a day and to exercise for 30 minutes.
  8. Introduce a relaxation ritual in the form of a one-hour meditation. It is also possible to take shorter breaks every few hours.
  9. Have a nice chat.
  10. Eat and drink well.
  11. Be kind to yourself and look ahead.
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Because the life energy returns if you heed some of these tips …

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The expert
Dr. Streit Philip Streit is a clinical health psychologist, psychotherapist, life and social counselor. He has been head of the “Institute for Children, Youth and Family” in Graz since 1994, which is also there for you at 0316/77 43 44.
Web: http://www.ikjf.at/
Do you have any questions about how you should shape your life, do you need advice? Your questions to Dr. Philip Streit is happy to send it to: [email protected] at any time

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