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Family Animated Movie“Stupid Bird Adventure”A set of stills with the theme of “growth” was released today, showing the brave adventures of Xiaoyi Plover. The film tells the story of a newly-born plover bird that failed to learn to fly due to the dangers encountered while practicing flying. He could only embark on a journey to Paradise Valley on foot. During the pursuit of natural enemies, it climbed over the cliff, over the grass, and over. The mountain has also grown into a braver self.

The stills released today show that in order to reunite with his family, Xiao Yi climbed over cliffs, over grass, over mountains, and was chased by natural enemies, eagles. Although the journey was difficult and difficult, Xiaoyi was also full of rewards. It met a new friend-Grouse Dabai. In order to protect their family, Xiaoyi and Dabai embarked on the road of fighting the eagle. In terms of adventure, Xiao Yi also grew up to be a braver self.

The family carnival animation film

The film also shows the family relationship between parents and children through a suspenseful plot. The story is brisk, compact, and entertaining. It is very suitable for children to watch. Through the film, it also shows the attention to family and friendship, and leads the children to further establish the perception of family affection and the understanding of friendship. In the film, the plover father’s spirit of fighting against danger and courage to protect Xiaoyi is also relevant in life. Parents who shelter their children from wind and rain are very similar. The “home” in the film has always been guiding the direction of Xiao Yi. During this journey, hardship inspired his courage and sense of responsibility, and made the children feel the infinite power of home. Fresh character setting, child-friendly film theme, family care full of love and strength… I believe the film will definitely become a must-see for family watching this year.

The family carnival animation film

The family-friendly animated film “Stupid Bird Adventure” will be released nationwide on December 4, 2021. In this cold winter, accompany your children and take the first step in growth together!

The family carnival animation film



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