Fallout, Todd Howard showed us the Prime Video TV Series!

Fallout, Todd Howard showed us the Prime Video TV Series!

At the end of the Starfield presentation, Todd Howard literally dropped the bomb, showing us the Prime Video TV Series!

We have watched the Fallout TV series… almost. No one expected it, or perhaps it would be better to say that no one thought about it. With Starfield in the middle there really wasn’t room in the head even for this interesting project that Bethesda has set up with Amazon.

The way it was shown to us was also daring, given that at the end of the presentation of Starfield, Howard was literally thrown in front of the audience to introduce something that perhaps he didn’t even expect to have to announce. Considering the Amazon dudes were just meters away, and Spencer and Larian’s brewing deal to immediately bring Baldur’s Gate 3 to Xbox, perhaps this too was an impromptu surprise. Naturally we appreciate the gesture, as well as Microsoft’s desire to move its Gamescom as much as possible.

Spaceships and cowboys

Will the Fallout TV series be able to live up to the game?
Will the Fallout TV series be able to live up to the game?

This little trailer of just over a minute of the Fallout television series was therefore an extraordinary and unexpected dessert. For those who missed it, since it leaked onto YouTube quite quickly, here’s a brief description of what was shown and what little information we gleaned from it. The trailer begins with a large Vertibird flying through a military base in the middle of the atomic wasteland, a passenger whose name we don’t know looks worried on the horizon and takes us to the first cut, five people in power armor getting out of an aircraft walking to the room.

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Now the music goes to a crescendo of beats, a woman in front of a vault door and suddenly again a change of scene. We are now in a small western-style town with the camera orbiting a man in a trench coat and hat, rifle and dust at his feet. The camera finally comes to reveal his face: he is a ghoul cowboy, Beatrix Russel from Freeport or someone we’ve never seen before? No, he looks more like a man, and not even willing to make friends. Will he be one of the “grand sons of” in the series?

Enola L.A.

Fallout the series: how much will the lore of the game be respected?
Fallout the series: how much will the lore of the game be respected?

Finally, the scene that everyone was waiting for: the bomb that is thrown on the city that we then discover to be The Angels, where the games have already written some interesting lore, will it be respected or will the reinvention be total? Here we see what appear to be three different atomic warheads exploding over the Californian metropolis, but the thick clouds at the edges of the screen could mean an even more extensive disaster. Finally, here is the logo, simply Fallout. The potential seems to be there, while the special effects seemed to us in line with most of the streaming productions of recent years, but rather far from excellence.

Everything metallic, for example, from the alloy of power armor to the armored door of the Vault, revealed a vague false side. It is naturally early to judge the special effects, we know practically nothing about the possible plot, but at least now we have the certainty that the commitment of Amazon, which has a predilection for science fiction anyway, seems to be there.

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Also let’s not forget that behind the project there is no ordinary person, but nothing less than Jonathan Nolan, brother of the much more famous Christopher and former screenwriter of beautiful things like Memento, Interstellar and the best Westworld. We hope to learn more soon.


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