fallout and a reward

Visibility, notoriety and positive financial results, the repercussions of the meeting of last January 2 between the blood and gold and the Marseillais, are already palpable. In the Sunday edition, a collector’s poster will be offered with the purchase of the newspaper.

Already three weeks since the Chauvinois Tom Thumb shared the lawn of the Beaublanc stadium in Limoges with Olympique de Marseille for an almost historic match. The football club of the city of jackdaws had never reached 16e of the final of the Coupe de France and this January 2, 2022 will remain a favorite date for blood and gold and their supporters.
It’s a real performance and we couldn’t dream of a better opponent, confides Grard Herbert, the mayor of Chauvigny. We played against the most legendary team. And beyond the purely sporting poster, it put the town in the spotlight, particularly in a number of media. It’s a good thing, especially since it’s the second time in eighteen months after the Tour de France in September 2020. This visibility is quite exceptional for a town of 7,000 inhabitants. Chauvigny is no longer an ordinary city and I am happy for the chauvinois and what it can bring them.

A positive financial balance sheet and a great reward for all the efforts

And if the repercussions of the match remain difficult to measure in terms of visibility, they are much more concrete on the side of the club. Even if the financial report is not yet fully finalized, we know that it will be positive (1) both in terms of ticketing but also on the sale of derived products, indicates Jol Mazet, trsorier of the US Chauvigny. We will communicate on the figures as soon as they are known but this day, we still have to receive an important invoice, that of the New Aquitaine Football League who took part in the organization of the match against OM. We are nevertheless satisfied, it is also a great reward for all the efforts we have made.
In the longer term, the chauvinois club could also reap the fruits of this great adventure. It’s still a little premature to know if it will bring us new sponsors, but it is certain that this match gave us more visibility and notoriety. There will undoubtedly be repercussions that will have to be evaluated in the hard way. Unfortunately, the following matches have been canceled (2), the next one is outside (3) before the match against FC Poitiers on January 29 at the Gilbert Arnault stadium. So we haven’t really capitalized on this Coupe de France adventure yet. But we hope that the enthusiasm of the public will remain the same. And then we are not going to sulk our pleasure, we have put the city and the club in the spotlight, it’s already fabulous.
Delphine Lger
(1) OM left 50,000 of the 70,000 from its share of the US Chauvigny revenue.
(2) US Chauvigny/Stade Bordelais canceled on January 8 for Covid then US Chauvigny/Reserve des Girondins de Bordeaux canceled on January 15 due to impassable terrain.
(3) Bayonne this Saturday January 22.

A collector’s poster from the US Chauvigny

For the purchase of the newspaper of this Sunday, January 23, a collector poster of the US Chauvigny is offered to you. It is available from many newsagents in the department: Biard, Bonnes, Buxerolles, Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, Chauvigny, Fontaine-le-Comte, Iteuil, Jardres, Jaunay-Marigny, La Puye, La Trimouille, Lussac-les- Châteaux, Mignaloux-Beauvoir, Mign-Auxances, Montamis, Montmorillon, Poitiers, Saint-Georges-ls-Baillargeaux, Saint-Julien-l’Ars, Saint-Savin, Svres-Anxaumont, Terc, Vouneuil-sous-Biard (in the limit of available stocks).


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