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As the largest island of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca has a lot to offer: From June to September temperatures over 30 degrees and countless leisure activities for all kinds of summer vacationers. Nature lovers get their money’s worth as well as party-goers and water sports enthusiasts. No wonder that this diverse landscape with its rocky coasts and clear water attracts countless fans and sun worshipers every year.

Vaccination rate in Spain is higher than in this country

Spain is further ahead than Germany when it comes to vaccinations: More than 71 percent of Spaniards have already received both vaccinations against Covid19. With us it’s 61 percent. And unlike in Germany, the incidence has been falling in Spain for some time. This is now also noticeable in the Balearic Islands, because the Corona rules are being relaxed on Mallorca.

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Celebrating is possible again – even at night

The regional government overturns the nocturnal party ban on the celebration island. This allows people from different households to meet again at night. This was previously forbidden, also because of the drinking binge of young vacationers in early summer, which resulted in larger corona outbreaks.

The Minister of Tourism of the Balearic Islands makes it clear: Drinking in groups on the street is prohibited. The police control this – as does the mask requirement, which also applies outdoors if the distance of one and a half meters to others cannot be maintained.

Facilitation in gastronomy

There are also changes in gastronomy: in restaurants, groups of up to eight guests can now sit down at one table – in outdoor areas, up to twelve guests.

The new rules only apply to Mallorca. The number of infections is higher on the neighboring island of Ibiza, where the ban on gatherings and parties between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. remains in force. The seven-day incidence on Mallorca is 80, and the trend is falling – in Germany it is 84, and the trend is rising.

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