Fake vaccination cards: Investigations are ongoing

19 fake vaccination passports in southern Hesse, seven of them in Darmstadt. That was the result of a police raid. The investigation has not yet been completed.

Counterfeit vaccination cards are discovered again and again.
(Photo: dpa / Patrick Pleul)

DARMSTADT – The investigations into the forged vaccination passports are ongoing, as the Darmstadt public prosecutor announced when asked. As reported, the police had already registered seven cases in Darmstadt this year, and 19 for all of southern Hesse.

“The accused are given the opportunity to express themselves, if necessary through a lawyer,” explains Chief Public Prosecutor Robert Hartmann. The suspected cell phones that have been seized are currently being evaluated. “Unfortunately, due to the extent of the investigations still pending, we cannot expect the proceedings to be concluded soon,” says Hartmann, press spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office.

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In a raid in mid-November in southern Hesse, the Rhine-Main area and two cities in Baden-Württemberg, the police arrested twelve suspects. Ten of them are said to be potential buyers of the fake vaccination certificates, it was said at the time. Two men, 36 and 42 years old, are said to have sold at least 300 counterfeit documents and QR codes – for up to 400 euros each.



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