[Faits Divers] Korbey d’Or: heavier requisitions on appeal

St Denis. Sergio Toinette and Stéphane Denize were back in court yesterday. Only Sergio Toinette had appealed the decision of January 31, 2019, asking for the lifting of the ban on managing a company, but the general prosecutor’s office has requested heavier penalties. Final response on October 28.

It is a case which had caused a lot of noise and which had almost left 650 employees on the floor in 2018. The case of the catastrophic management of the Korbey d’Or personal assistance company has returned to court call from Saint-Denis, yesterday morning. The verdict of January 31, 2019 by the Saint-Pierre criminal court had heavily condemned the two managers of the company, Sergio Toinette and Stéphane Denize. The founder of Korbey d’Or, Stéphane Denize, has …


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