Facebook is deliberately draining your laptop battery according to an ex-employee

Facebook is deliberately draining your laptop battery according to an ex-employee

A former employee of Meta (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp) warned that the group’s applications would voluntarily drain the battery of your laptops to carry out tests without you knowing it.

Meta would conduct what they call negative testing on its applications. This operation would lead to increased battery consumption according to George Hayward, a former employee of the company who was to conduct these tests.

Tests that were already in place

This ex-employee is now on trial against the Palo Alto firm following his dismissal, according to the New York Post who lets him speak. He explains to the American daily that he refused to conduct such tests and that was the reason he was fired and is now in court against his former employer.

George Hayward was working more specifically on the Messenger application when he was asked to do negative testing. But while he revealed this practice, he didn’t really say how it worked at the moment, except that these tests were used to see the speed of execution of the application or the loading time of the application. ‘a picture.

In addition, the 30-year-old does not know how many people may have been impacted by this process, but it is certain that this had already been in place for a while since he had access to documents mentioning examples to carry out good tests.

However, he felt that this process drained the battery too much and that it could endanger users who could run out of battery faster because of it. A practice that could put them in danger by preventing them from contacting the emergency services, for example.


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