Facebook Gaming Tries To Shade Twitch With A Feature Popular With Streamers

Let’s not beat around the bush: Facebook Gaming is way behind Twitch and even YouTube Gaming. But the tech giant may have found a way to bring new streamers back to the platform.

Last May, thunderclap on Twitch: Music publishers began to be able to complain to Twitch when a streamer played music on their live. These complaints may result in the removal of VOD or the suspension (temporary or permanent) of the channel. And unsurprisingly, thousands of channels have been affected by these claims by rights holders. And on YouTube Gaming, it’s the same picture.

A problem for some, an opportunity for others: Facebook Gaming has decided to play on it to attract people to its streaming platform.

Say goodbye to copyright issues

To attract new streamers to its platform, Facebook has therefore decided to offer them better conditions to broadcast their content. Thereby, the web giant negotiated with Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, or Sony Music Entertainment. The result: Facebook Gaming streamers can now put music on their live stream without the risk of receiving a copyright claim.

At first, this advantage only concerned “creator partners”, but now the videographers of the Level Up program can also benefit from it. As a reminder, the Level Up program is similar to the Twitch affiliate system.

They can stream background music during their livestreams on Facebook Gaming – including clips made from a livestream and video-on-demand (VOD) versions of livestreams. And to celebrate, we’re kicking off #PlayLoud, a series of live events that pair big-name DJs with Facebook game makers.


We can therefore imagine that all this will allow Facebook Gaming to continue to grow. Even if the audience figures are light years from those of Twitch, the platform is doing good performance. According to Streamlabs, Facebook Gaming users viewed 1.06 billion hours of content in the first quarter of this year, up from a year ago.

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