F1 talk on Thursday in the video: rumors of resignation about Sebastian Vettel

8:43 pm

F1 talk in video: will Sebastian Vettel stop?

Here in the ticker, that’s it for today. Tomorrow we will be in touch as usual with a new issue. Attention: the schedule will change this weekend! FT1 does not start until 2:30 p.m., then qualifying starts at 6:00 p.m. Here in the ticker we will of course contact you as usual from the morning and accompany you through the entire day.

At the end of today, there is the mandatory reference to our analysis video for the media day. Christian Nimmervoll and Kevin Scheuren talked about the following topics today:

– Hülkenberg confirms: F1 career is over!
– Who will get the second Alfa?
– Haas-Zoff: Why Steiner doesn’t speak power
– Hamilton: Could he have prevented Russell?
– Rumors of resignation about Vettel

Have fun with it and see you tomorrow!

8:32 pm

Hamilton: No conversation with Russell planned

We already talked about the fact that Mercedes would like to avoid a scenario like Hamilton and Rosberg with Hamilton and Russell. In this context, the world champion reveals that no personal conversation is planned with Russell in which the two talk about their future collaboration.

“I’ve never done that with a team-mate,” explains Hamilton. He congratulated Russell on his new job, but nothing more. Sooner or later you will of course get together at various meetings. An extraordinary meeting of the two to stake out various things is not planned.

8:22 pm

Tsunoda admits: Surprised by the new contract

The announcement of the AlphaTauri duo for 2022 almost went down a bit this week alongside Russell and Bottas. Yuki Tsunoda reveals that he was “a little surprised” to get a new contract. “Because I crashed a lot and cost the team a lot of money,” he smiles. In the future, he wants to deliver more consistent performance. At least he gets the chance to do so with the new contract.

8:11 pm

Fresh pictures

As promised, we have refilled our photo gallery again. In the meantime, for example, with the best pictures from the PK!

Photos: F1: Grand Prix von Italien (Monza) 2021

8:06 pm

Hamilton: It’s going to be tight!

Even the world champion cannot deny that Monza was one of Mercedes’ parade routes in the hybrid era. Between 2014 and 2018 they were unbeaten here. However, Hamilton reckons that the fight against Red Bull this year “could potentially be different”.

“Hopefully we can continue to be fast,” said Hamilton. But the Honda engine has made significant progress this year. “So there is no doubt that they will be very, very fast this year,” said Hamilton, who is expecting a “close” battle between Mercedes and Red Bull.

Obviously, we want that too, of course!

7:43 pm

Verstappen: stronger than 2020, but …

Red Bull has been without a win in Monza for eight years – apart from Gasly’s surprise success in the AlphaTauri 2020. Sebastian Vettel got the last success for the bulls in 2013. So Monza is not one of the Red Bull favorite tracks. Therefore, Verstappen is also skeptical before the weekend.

“I definitely don’t expect it to go like it did at Zandvoort,” he clarified. Red Bull is in a better position than in previous years. “But I’m not sure if it will be enough to deal with [Mercedes] to fight, “said the Dutchman, who has never been on the podium at Monza before.

His best result is a fifth place from the 2018 season.

19:30 o’clock

Verstappen: Barcelona 2016 tops Zandvoort

Max Verstappen’s home win at Zandvoort was emotional – but not as emotional as his first Formula 1 win in Barcelona. “It is always difficult to beat the emotions of the first win,” explains the Dutchman. At Zandvoort last weekend it was almost a relief, “because all the fans expected me to win,” he explains. Nobody expected it in Barcelona at the time.

7:19 pm

From 8:30 p.m. LIVE on YouTube: That was the media day!

Kevin Scheuren and our editor-in-chief Christian Nimmervoll are again analyzing the media day today. Here we go at 8:30 p.m. live on the Formula1.de YouTube channel. Among other things, today it is about the future of Sebastian Vettel. The following topics are planned:

– Hülkenberg confirms: F1 career is over!
– Monza: Bad advance sales
– Who will get the second Alfa?
– Haas-Zoff: Why Steiner doesn’t speak power
– Hamilton: Could he have prevented Russell?
– Rumors of resignation about Vettel

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6:50 pm

That’s it from the PK!

The XXL press conference ends after more than three hours. Here in the ticker it goes a little further as usual. Among other things, there are the first pictures of the rear wing from Monza. Once again nice to see how flat these are on this route.

6:44 pm

Hamilton: Learned from Rosberg’s time

The world champion himself is also asked whether the Rosberg scenario could repeat itself at Mercedes with Russell. He admits that that couldn’t be ruled out. However, one has had experiences with such a situation in the past. And he believes that we have learned from it. Therefore, he does not expect any problems.

Incidentally, he cannot assess Russell’s performance because he has never driven against him. He could therefore not say whether it will be harder for him against Russell than against Bottas.

6:35 pm

Hamilton: Russell and Co. “the future of sport”

At the end of the PK it is now Hamilton’s turn. He explains that Russell and the other talented young riders are “the future of the sport”. He is therefore happy that his compatriot is joining the team, because “fresh blood” is always good – also for Mercedes. And he himself knows that at 36 years of age he is no longer a young driver.

6:26 pm

Russell: Don’t want any rivalry with Hamilton

Mercedes does not want to have another internal rivalry like it once between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. “I don’t want that either,” explains Russell. You always have to work with your teammate. He wanted to fight hard but fair against the world champion – just as Bottas had done in recent years.

At the same time, he also makes it clear that he does not see himself as number 2 at Mercedes behind Hamilton. Mercedes had promised him that too.

6:21 pm

Sainz: Zandvoort my worst race

The Spaniard explains that Zandvoort was his worst race for Ferrari last weekend. He actually had good pace from the first race – only not at Zandvoort. He’s hoping now that he can fight back this weekend. At the same time, however, he also knows that the track doesn’t necessarily play into the Ferrari’s strengths.

After all, things should go better for Scuderia than 2020. After the double exit last year, that’s not that difficult either …

6:14 pm

Russell: Hamilton congratulated me

Now it is the turn of the new Mercedes driver from 2022. He reveals that Hamilton reported to him via text message that week and congratulated him on his promotion. Russell still describes his move to the factory team as “unreal”. At the same time, he is also happy for Alexander Albon, who will take over his cockpit at Williams in the coming year.

5:57 pm

Williams: As strong as in Spa?

Williams presented himself strongly in Belgium. However, Latifi doesn’t think that was necessarily a yardstick for Monza. For one thing, you drove in Spa in the wet, and nobody knows how you would have done there in the dry. In addition, Monza is such a specific route that this weekend is a “question mark” for everyone.

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