Eye! Beware of these rain diseases in the Caribbean region

According to Ideam predictions, It is expected that this month the cold conditions and they last until February of next year.

In the The Caribbean Region an increase in rainfall between 10% and 40% above normal is expected; while in the Cundiboyacense savannah and in the north of Chocó; while for the south of the Pacific region and the foothills of Caquetá in the Amazon, the rains are expected to be between 10% and 30% below normal values.

Due to this situation, the Ministry of Health indicated that favorable environmental conditions are expected to favor the occurrence of dengue, chikungunya and zika cases, especially in the Caribbean Region, in the Cartagena District, Barranquilla, Santa Marta and for the departments of Atlantic, Magdalena and San Andrés.

In this regard, Jairo Hernández Márquez, deputy director of Environmental Health of the Ministry of Health, asked to intensify surveillance, case search and adequate vector control, as well as carrying out actions with the communities in order to make them aware of the measures regarding the correct storage of water, the use of mosquito nets and early consultation with health services.



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