Experts on PT 20% Value and Age Limits for Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates ‘castrate’ Political Rights


Indonesian Political Parameter Executive Director Adi Prayitno highlighted the presidential threshold (PT) or the 20 percent presidential nomination threshold and the age limit for presidential and vice presidential candidates (cawapres). Adi assesses that these provisions have ‘castrated’ everyone’s political rights.

“This political right, sir, 20 percent of the presidential threshold, 40 years of age is actually ‘castrating’ our political rights in general,” said Adi in the Discussion on Politics and Democracy, Saturday (1/10/2022).

Adi said that it was difficult for Indonesia to fully implement democracy. Because, he said, one of the factors is related to the minimum age limit for presidential and vice presidential candidacy.

“So in that context it is very difficult to call Indonesia a full democracy, it is impossible to call it a free democracy,” he said.

Adi then proposed presidential candidacy from individuals if 20 percent of PT could not be eliminated. The proposal, said Adi, must also be accompanied by strict administrative requirements in accordance with the population.

“Even if this 20 percent is impossible to eliminate, let’s try, for example in the 2017 Election Law it is also stated that individual candidates are allowed as happened in the regional elections. Pilkada is allowed, why can’t the president?” said Adi.

“Including candidates for council members may be from individual candidates. Of course with administrative requirements that are also tightened according to the population,” he continued.

Furthermore, Adi again reminded about the 20 percent reduction in PT. According to him, democracy in Indonesia will be a blessing if the 20 percent reduction in PT can be realized.

“That’s why on various occasions. One reduce the presidential threshold by 20 percent, if not 15, if not 10, thank goodness. If it’s 0 percent, it is a blessing for our democracy going forward,” he added.



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