Expectation of revitalization of ‘sharing life’ in Jeju area

Photo = Jeju Halla Hospital

Jeju Halla Hospital, Korea Public Tissue Bank and Organ Transplant Management Center Business Agreement on the 25th

Jeju Halla Hospital rolled up its arms to revitalize ‘life sharing’ in Jeju.

Jeju Halla Hospital (Chairman Kim Seong-su) signed a business agreement with the Korea Public Tissue Bank (Chairman Myung-cheol Myung-cheol) and the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) organ transplant management center on the 25th to ‘activate the organ and tissue donation linkage from the brain dead’ at the hospital on the 29th. said.

According to the agreement, the Korea Public Tissue Bank and the Organ Transplantation Management Center decided to strengthen cooperation for smooth human tissue collection, such as the establishment of a collection team dispatch system in preparation for the simultaneous donation of organs and tissues from brain dead at Jeju Halla Hospital.

In particular, the signing of this agreement enables the extraction and collection of organs and human tissues from Jeju Halla Hospital without transferring the brain dead, thereby promoting psychological stability of the donor’s bereaved families.

An official from Jeju Halla Hospital said, “Medical institutions that have not signed an agreement to collect human tissue must transfer the donor to an institution affiliated with the Korea Public Tissue Bank to collect human tissue. In some cases, tissue donation is canceled due to objections from bereaved families who are reluctant to transfer. He said, “In particular, as it was difficult to transfer donors to Jeju due to its geographical specificity, we expect this business agreement to lead to an opportunity to spread the culture of sharing life.”

On the other hand, human tissue donation is a life-sharing method of donating donor skin, bones, cartilage, ligaments, blood vessels, and heart valves.

In addition, the Korea Public Tissue Bank is an institution under the Ministry of Health and Welfare that promotes the proper supply and safety of tissues by performing collection, processing, and distribution of human tissue in the public interest. Reporter Koh Kyung-ho


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