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‘Excluding ASEAN’ Myanmar military re-detains some 5,636 prisoners after release

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Min Aung Hlaing, commander-in-chief of the Myanmar Army. © Reuters=News1 © News1 Reporter Choi Seo-yoon

A few days after the leader of the Myanmar military government was excluded, the Myanmar military said it would release more than 5,000 civilians, including political prisoners in custody, and then detain dozens again.

AFP news agency reported that 40 political prisoners were detained again on the evening of the 19th (local time), citing the announcement of the Myanmar Human Rights Organization Political Prisoners Support Association (AAPP).

A few days after the leader of the Myanmar military government was excluded from the ASEAN summit to be held at the end of this month, General Min Aung Hlaing said that a total of 5,636 people imprisoned for resisting the military the day before were held at the Tadingyut Festival at the end of this month. It was announced that he would be released to commemorate the festival.

A list of those released has not been released, but AAPP said the decision has freed several political prisoners, including a party spokeswoman and famous comedian Aung San Suu Kyi.

Local media reported on the afternoon that members of the National Assembly journalists were being released from Insein Prison in Yangon and prisons in Mandalay and Meiktila.

Some activists described the release as a ploy by the Myanmar military to restore international reputation after ASEAN took the unusual step of excluding the military leader from the summit.

However, the situation is likely to worsen as the Myanmar military re-arrests released political prisoners.

According to AAPP, more than 1,100 civilians have been killed and more than 8,000 have been arrested since the February 1 coup.

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Myanmar’s military released more than 2,000 protesters in July, including journalists critical of the military government, but there are still more than 7,300 people incarcerated across the country.

Among them is Danny Fenster, an American journalist who was arrested on May 24.

The reason General Hlaing made this decision seems to be because he was concerned about deepening international isolation, such as being excluded from the ASEAN summit.

“Brunei, the chair of the ten ASEAN countries, said on the 16th that a non-political delegation from Myanmar would attend a summit of leaders of Southeast Asian countries to be held this month,” Reuters reported on the 16th. did.

Previously, ASEAN discussed whether or not to attend the summit meeting with Myanmar Army Commander-in-Chief Min Aung Hlaing the day before, but failed to reach an agreement.

Brunei’s second foreign minister, Eriwan Yusof, who is the special envoy for ASEAN to Myanmar, said, “The Myanmar military has not made progress on the ASEAN peace roadmap.”

At the summit on the Myanmar issue held in Jakarta, Indonesia on April 24, ASEAN reached an agreement on five points, including starting dialogue, ending violence, humanitarian aid, releasing political prisoners, and appointing ASEAN special envoy for Myanmar affairs.

At the time, ASEAN countries invited Hlaing, although not qualified as a normal person, for dialogue and agreed on five items together, to the effect that the promise was not kept.

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