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Eviction during the Covid-19 Pandemic | TexasLawHelp.org

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In some areas eviction is still prohibited. Be sure to check what eviction rules are in your area.

Talk to your landlord.

You may be able to work out an agreement with your landlord. Many landlords prefer to obtain a partial payment rather than looking for a new tenant. In addition, the Texas Eviction Diversion Program can help pay up to 15 months of rent if the landlord agrees to participate.

CDC statement

Give your landlord a signed CDC declaration form if you meet the requirements. Then file the statement with the court.

The Centers for Disease Control has given tenants a way to avoid eviction for nonpayment of rent until June 30, 2021. The tenant must sign a form and give it to the landlord to receive protections. See this article on the CDC Moratorium for more information

Response Form

Submit an answer. You can use this eviction response tool guide to file an answer in your case. An answer tells the court that you want the landlord to show that he should be evicted. Our response form also allows you to list any defenses against eviction you may have. In addition to the letters I sent to your landlord (see below), if you receive an Eviction Notice, you should file a response as soon as possible.

Reasonable accommodation

Consider asking for a reasonable accommodation that allows you to stay in your home. Landlords must take reasonable steps to help people with disabilities. Being at risk for COVID-19 can be considered a disability. Read this article for more information on how to request a reasonable accommodation that can help you stay in your home. Disability Rights Texas also has a tool to help you write a reasonable accommodation request letter.

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If you lose your eviction case, decide whether to appeal. You have the right to appeal within 5 days after the hearing. Go to Texas RioGrande Legal Aid to get forms to help you appeal your caseas well as more information about the eviction process.

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