Evgeni Minchev rips Mira Dobreva because of the neckline to the navel of this PHOTO

Mira Dobreva uploaded a curious photo of herself reading a book on the beach, but many commented that in fact the goal of the iconic presenter was to demonstrate her physical talents.

However, this gave rise to Evgeni Minchev for fierce criticism of her clothes.

Here is what he wrote in his weekly column in the Telegraph:

Mira Dobreva “entangled” in fishing nets?

I hadn’t seen a knitted dress in Aunt Kunka’s shop since my elementary school. Aunt Kunka knitted it herself, on a hook, and gave advice on how to knit the same housewife in the warehouse, Vrabka, and Aunt Nonka, the cleaner. They got nice dresses, put on a little Bulgarian rose perfume and led the dance at the banquet for March 8.

Mira Dobreva’s dress reminds me of those described so far. But Myra carries other messages, such as modernity, charm and charm.

The dress is, to put it mildly, horrible and unsuitable for a celebrity like Mira. The highlight of this kitsch is the knitted rose, whose reputation has put it in such a prominent place. See the book, which suggests the intellectuality of the portrait, painted by a fishing net, a knitted rose and a white rose in general.

Will Mira speak to me in the future if I say that this dress reveals some parts of the body that would have been better left in the shade.



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