everything about Android Auto Wireless at a glance

In this week’s Android Auto Wireless video, editor Colin takes you on a tour of this wireless software. This way you can easily, safely and quickly navigate, listen to music and make calls in the car.

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Ride along with our Android Auto Wireless video

Bee Android Planet many topics come up every day. From new smartphones, to the best tips and from one-off items to topics we’ve been writing about for years. One of our favorite topics is Android Auto, which we’ve made several videos about before.

In this week’s video we talk about Android Auto Wireless, or the wireless variant of the smart software. So you never have to deal with cables to connect your smartphone again. However, there are various hooks and eyes to get it all working. Editor Colin explains what exactly is needed in the video below!

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Last year we also got back to work with the fine software. Therefore, read our Android Auto review in 2021. In it we will of course discuss every plus and minus and you can read what we really think of Android Auto. Also watch our video in which we explain how to software download, install and use!

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