everyone says it will be a success

everyone says it will be a success

Big news for Iliad with the launch of the plan for companies and more: the details of IliadBusiness and what you need to know

Watch out for the Iliad news about IliadBusiness, with some aspects presented by Benedetto Levi, the company’s managing director for Italy.

Internet tuttogratis

A new Revolution, the third, the one that sees the protagonist Iliad and which follows the entrance in the market for telecommunications happened in 2019 and then the fiber, last year.

In this case the operator throws IliadBusiness, a phone management solution for devices that caters to companies and you have freelancers with VAT number.

The company aims to become the first support for companies in the country, and in the case of communications, the latter have a particular need for two aspects, the speed and constant assistance twenty-four hours a day and every day of the year.

The known ‘revolution’ that binds to the company is based on quattro elements, i.e. the freedom, transparency, flexibility and quality. Compared to the offer aimed at consumers, these factors translate into low prices and that do not change, a central aspect that has lost the company from distinguishing itself from its competitors.

That was enough cinque years to Iliad to become the 6th European operator in the field. In the Peninsula they are well 9.5 million users, a big, wide, broad community.

Iliad, success also passes through these factors

Inherent to Iliad there is a strong sense of appearance derived from the high degree of user satisfaction. According to a research commissioned by the company to Doxa, the ninety nine percent of the user of the manager in question it is said satisfied or very satisfied.

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A success that also places Iliad in the position of making choices that go hand in hand. For example, in a period in which there is more and more talk about artificial intelligence, the manager instead opted to focus on people.

Therefore to offer its customers a service of assistance that it is totally and one hundred percent “allegedly”.

In this sense, the company has already started a recruitment plan in Italy and guaranteed that each of its operators will respond precisely from Italy.

The managing director Iliad Italy, Levi, he explained that customers are aware that when the company does something it does it right. Also, that you prefer to take one step at a time, to do everything better.

For that reason, if currently the novelty IliadBusiness it is only for devices mobile, one could bet that it will not take long before there will be availability also with regard to the fixed connections of offices and warehouses.

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