Every third member of the Hessian parliament is from the economy

AThe day after the election, Wolf Matthias Mang is concerned. “Of course I would have liked better results for parties with more business-friendly programs,” says the President of the Association of Hessian Entrepreneurs’ Associations (VhU). After all, the economy should not be slowed down by “more regulation and higher taxes. “We can and must rely on the forces of the market.” The umbrella association of the Hessian Chamber of Commerce argues in a similar way: “The companies must now not be subjected to any political endurance test. You need entrepreneurial freedom, not regulatory tightness, ”warns Eberhard Flammer, President of the Hessian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in view of the election results on Sunday.

The business representatives among the future MPs are likely to find more understanding for the concerns of the companies than expected. Because a number of politicians from Rhein-Main, who will now move into the Bundestag, come from the economy themselves. If you look at the biographies of the elected, you will discover several lawyers, self-employed, managers and economists who will represent the interests of the region in the future parliamentary groups.

Several former bankers

Eight of the 15 electoral district winners in the Rhine-Main region (South Hesse and Mainz) have an economic background, and another seven politicians with an economic past move into the Bundestag via the state lists. And not only for the FDP or CDU, which are generally considered to be close to business, the Greens and AfD will also be able to send economic experts to Berlin. Most of them, however, will in future belong to the SPD parliamentary group.

One example is the newcomer to the Bundestag Armand Zorn, who won the Frankfurt constituency 182 for the SPD. Born in Cameroon, he studied economics in Germany, China, France and Italy and has advised companies on digital transformation for the past six years. According to his own statements, he is currently a project manager in economic development aid.

Social Democrat Melanie Wegling will represent the neighboring constituency 184 (Groß-Gerau) in future. “As the daughter of a family of craftsmen, I know how to lend a hand,” she advertises. The sinologist is currently a sales manager at a water filter manufacturer. The 27-year-old Social Democrat Lennard Oehl from Hanau is currently a financial analyst in Frankfurt.



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