Even Gronkh “just doesn’t want to offer a stage anymore”

Even Gronkh “just doesn’t want to offer a stage anymore”
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Streamer Shurjoka has been causing a lot of excitement lately. Now even Gronkh has spoken out to her and said that she spread lies.

Cologne – Gronkh is, so to speak, the forefather of the German streamer scene. The now 46-year-old started making regular Let’s Play videos back in 2010. Since then he has noticed one or the other shitstorm that affects his person. Gronkh usually dealt with such situations soberly and does not get involved in discussions. In a current live stream, however, he has now commented on the streamer Shurjoka and accused her of spreading lies about him.

Full name Erik Range
Known as gronk
birth date 10. April 1977
Place of birth Braunschweig
Followers on Twitch 1.6 million (as of August 2023)
Followers on YouTube 4.94 million (as of August 2023)

“Arguably lied together”: Gronkh speaks plainly about Shurjoka

What happened? Gronkh is known for staying out of arguments with other streamers. In one of his last streams, he at least briefly said “Shurjoka/Freiraumdeer story” voiced. By that he means the dispute between the two and the streamer Scurrows. Gronkh says he had “certainly something to contribute“, since at the beginning of the debate lies were also deliberately spread about him.

When asked by a fan in the chat, he substantiates this statement and says that Shurjoka lied. “There are now people for whom I simply don’t want to offer a stage anymore. That’s why I just skipped the whole topic‘ Gronkh says on stream. He also explains that he listened to both sides, “but only constantly tearing the hair on one side” had to. You can see the excerpt from the stream here:

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He doesn’t want to comment on the affair between Shurjoka and Scurrows because he doesn’t know exactly what happened. However, he finds that some claims “immensely far-fetched” and “partly lied so badly together“ be.

What had happened between Gronkh and Shurjoka?

Earlier this year, the Harry Potter game Hogwarts Legacy caused quite a stir. The main reason for this was the Harry Potter creator, JK Rowling, who has fallen into disrepute with many fans due to her transphobia. Although she wasn’t directly involved in the development of Hogwarts Legacy, as the inventor of the franchise she of course makes some money, which is why many gamers wanted to boycott the game.

Gronkh und Shurjoka Teaserbild © Twitch/YouTube: Gronkh/Shurjoka (Montage)

What does this have to do with Gronkh and Shurjoka? Gronkh decided against it and planned to stream Hogwarts Legacy. He received a lot of criticism for this, especially because of his statements about JK Rowling, which he couldn’t care less about. Even the Bild newspaper reported on it and fueled the discussion about the streamer. There is also a documentary on ARD, in which Sender Shurjoka accompanied him for a long time.

The shitstorm through Hogwarts Legacy has not left Gronkh untouched. Because of this, he resents Shurjoka for downplaying it by claiming that it wasn’t a shitstorm at all, since it ultimately gained him a lot of followers and clicks and thus made money. According to this logic, it is also okay to gather children together in the schoolyard if you give them 10 euros afterwards. In addition to Gronkh and Scurrows, MontanaBlack and CakeTV have had enough of Shurjoka.

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