European research helps prevent flooding (+video)

European research helps prevent flooding (+video)

ENGINEERINGNET — The UrbanFlood project is a user-friendly system for informing European governments and the public about the risk of flooding and the failure of dikes is ready for use in urban areas where there is a risk of flooding.

The advanced warning system feeds flood models with data from sensors and precipitation forecasts to predict potentially threatening situations.

The system can also be used to simulate dike breach scenarios and provides detailed decision support for large-scale evacuations.

One of the measurement and demonstration locations is Boston in England, where scientists collect sensor information from the levees and use it in their advanced warning system.

(GL) (photo Wikipedia, flood Alicante (Spain) 1997)

The UrbanFlood project was assessed by the EU Commission as an excellent project, which is very special.

Read more about the UrbanFlood project here.


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