European experts have categorically said which is safer: the Jeep or the car

Specialists from the various divisions of the NCAP organization constantly conduct the so-called crash tests, the purpose of these independent organizations is to determine how safe a car is, writes Fakti bg.

It is in their database that we look for the answer to the question Are off-road and all-wheel drive cars safer than cars?

It turns out that this popular opinion is not a myth. Of all the vehicles, the people in the car are most protected in the SUVs in question. However, this does not apply to pedestrians and drivers and passengers in other cars.

Experts conclude that in those cars that have an “off-road” design and filling, nothing happens to the driver and passengers in a collision more often, while the risk of dying in an ordinary city car is much higher.

In addition, all 4WD models are safer than their 2WD “counterparts”, even if they are not SUVs. However, there are exceptions for different types of vehicles.

One of them is related to pickups, which, by the way, are not among the safest vehicles, although they are most in demand in the US market.

Of course, like any statistic, this data must be assessed with reservations. They are valid for car traffic in different countries where the tests are performed, which differs significantly from that in other countries.

It is for this reason that NCAP has different divisions that are geographically distributed.

For example, American variations of the same models have structural and technological characteristics that are lacking in their European counterparts, although the model names are often the same.

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Despite all the opinion that the so-called SUVs or crossovers and SUVs are safer in a collision than ordinary cars is generally accepted.


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