Euro today in Canada: price of the Canadian dollar to the euro on September 6. EUR CAD

At the beginning of the day the euro It is negotiated at 09:00 hours at Can $ 1.49, so that it implied a decrease of 0.05% compared to the data of the previous day, when it ended with 1.49 Canadian dollars.

In the last week, the euro scores a decrease of 0,15%, for this reason, in the last year there is still a decrease in the 4,01%. With respect to past dates, add four sessions in a row in negative values. In the last week, volatility shows a markedly lower behavior than the volatility reflected in the figures for the last year, which indicates that it is having a more stable behavior than indicated by the general trend in recent times.

In the annual photo, the euro it has reached a maximum of 1.57 Canadian dollars, while its lowest level has been 1.46 Canadian dollars. The euro it is positioned closer to its minimum value than its maximum.

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