Eternals Movie Clip – Ikaris and Sersi to the Rescue (2021) | Movie clips coming soon

Watch the Eternals official movie clip starring Richard Madden and Gemma Chan! Let us know what you think in the comments below. ▻ Buy tickets ….


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  1. Sersi really just did not put that much effort into her “Watch out” maybe because of shock from seeing Ikaris who I am assuming she hasn’t seen for a while

  2. What the f**k is Marvel trying to do are they planning to show everything in these clips because if they keep doing it there will be no suspense left in the Movie to watch

  3. Is it just me or is the cgi and acting a bit bad? Kit harrington is human so he doesnt know about the deviants, and just looks at it like its a stray cat and shows no emotion to seeing Ikaris blasting it with laserbeams.

  4. I think Ikaris was snapped away for 5 years like half of the universe so Sersi started dating Dane Whitman thinking he won't come back so may be this movie is set in between the period of Wanda vision and FATWS.
    – That's my theory tell me what you people think

  5. Am I the only one slightly hating metahuman superheroes especially those with laser beam and super strength male superheroes, because of watching The Homelander on the The Boys series. ????

  6. That Entrance was sooooo good. Until the evenin ladies. Wasnt bad or anything but i was expecting something… more of a quote ya know? like something epic that cap would say.

  7. Notice how theres a red light behind Ikaris as he emerges, while also a blue light flickering as well before he blocks the blue out completely?

    The cinematography is on point, can't wait for this.

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