Essen psychologist offers life support on YouTube

The Essen psychologist Klaus Vollmer has been working increasingly digitally since Corona. Why he is now also active on his own YouTube channel.

The Essen-based business psychologist Klaus Vollmer (61) discovered the possibilities of the new media in the Corona crisis. Why he enjoys appearing on YouTube so much.

“I support people to develop in their job and family, to face change and new challenges,” is how he describes his work. He himself also reoriented himself during the Corona period, is working increasingly digitally – and is now even a kind of influencer. On his recently launched YouTube channel, he now publishes every two weeks under the title “Thoughts to take with you”, small, free contributions to help with life.

A lot works digitally, even if such offers cannot replace a personal conversation, Vollmer is convinced. The brief thought-provoking impulses on the Internet are fun for him. “I believe that psychology is of great importance in everyday life and I would like to bring the results of research closer to people in a vivid way,” explains Klaus Vollmer. “Starting with a YouTube channel at the age of 60 is an experiment. But it’s fun to familiarize yourself with the world of new media, ”says the native of Essen, who lives and works in the Moltkeviertel.

Essen-based psychologist got help with the technical implementation of the YouTube channel

He asked a young team to help with the technical implementation, but was learning more and more about how to present oneself in front of the camera, for example. He has been running his channel for six weeks and publishes a ten-minute article every two weeks that goes online every Sunday morning.

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The topics are varied: Klaus Vollmer talks about the fear of missing out on something, about dealing with aging, about depression, successful teamwork or the question “What is nudging?”, Which is about how to move people, something to do or not to do. “I don’t want to give general advice, I want to give thoughts and suggestions, to be the door opener for individual ideas.” Everyone should discover their own possibilities.

“As a psychologist, the spoken word is actually my thing,” says Vollmer, who a few years ago also discovered the written word for himself and published the book “Changing Perspectives as a Method”.

The online offer is free of charge for users

“Not only commercial enterprises, but also private individuals can use the findings of psychology for themselves,” emphasizes Vollmer. The YouTube contributions are available free of charge. The psychologist is of course happy about positive feedback and new subscribers. He hopes, perhaps in the medium or long term, to get new customers through his appearances on the Internet or to call to mind those who have already made use of his help. The numbers are still manageable: “Currently there are still less than 100 subscribers and 5,000 to 9,000 viewers per contribution, but the channel has to be known first.”

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