Eric Zhou Xingzhe “Leaving You” Official music video snack from the movie “Your Wedding”

日本語 / 한글 / Thai script / Bahasa Indonesia / Bahasa Melayu / Pilipino / Tiếng Việt / မြန်မာ အက္ခရာ subtitles are available. Stream / Download here ….

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20 Responses

  1. The song sounds so emotional while the lyrics are so sad but the movie is even more sad. The best movie ever, prepares ur tissue
    Ps. The little of the movie is “my love 2021” it’s is a Chinese remake of “on ur wedding day”

  2. 终于等到正式版mv了,好感动,真的好好听,看了电影再回来听那感觉更痛,更伤,我多么希望能回到从前只有我们俩人的时光,可惜现在你已另有所属了

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