Eric Zemmour remains on the air at CNews, but considers himself a victim of “censorship”

“Where did it come from?” We can see where it comes from! I accuse these people of wanting to silence me. “ The last minutes of the show “Face à l’Info”, Thursday evening September 9 on CNews, gave Eric Zemmour the opportunity to comment on the decision of the Superior Audiovisual Council (CSA) pronounced against him twenty -four hours earlier. While the authority asks television channels to now count the speaking time of the journalist, who has become in his opinion « a player in the national political debate », he believes he is the victim of a « censure ». “The policies are so cowardly that they hide behind [le CSA] so-called independent, which is absolutely not independent and which is subjected to all the pressures, of people of En Marche, [du] government and [d’]Emmanuel Macron », he said, acknowledging making these accusations without holding any evidence.

The CSA’s decision did not waver the direction of the Canal + group’s news channel. For the Vivendi subsidiary, there is no “No end date to date” Eric Zemmour’s presence on the air, we told management.

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“We are very surprised by the decision of the CSA, because Eric Zemmour did not declare himself a candidate for the presidential election. We leave ourselves the right to comment [cette] decision later ”, also indicates CNews.

Until then, Eric Zemmour is not officially a presidential candidate. Protesting against the decision of the CSA, he recalled in a tweet, Wednesday, September 8, that he was the holder of the press card and therefore a journalist: “I will not be silent”, he had launched. In front of Christine Kelly and his acolytes of “Face à l’Info”, Marc Menant and Dimitri Pavlenko, he reiterated his “Right to freedom of expression” guaranteed by his press card, number 57111. “I have always been in politics, he declared, assuming his subjectivity. Journalism is politics. (…) If we count my speaking time, then we must count the speaking time of all the editorial writers. “ In the mind of the audiovisual regulator, however, its status has indeed changed.

Future label “miscellaneous right”

On September 3, the alleged candidate embarked on an election campaign tour to present his book France has not said its last word (self-published, 352 pages, to be published September 16). Posters plastered everywhere proclaim “Zemmour president”. And his supporters are looking for the 500 signatures needed for a candidacy.

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