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“Equating ordinary bonuses to super 110% is a mistake that can block the recovery”

by drbyos

VENEZIA – Architects, engineers, geologists, industrial experts, surveyors, accountants of the Veneto, through their respective federations, the regional and provincial orders, regional councils, launch thealarm: according to professionals it is a risk the feasibility of the super bonus, for a set of factors. That is, higher prices, non-supply of materials and retroactive fiscal rules.

Bureaucratic delays, an extension is needed

«We note from our observatory – they write – that many interventions related to single family are about to leave just now with big delays due to bureaucracy access to documents and constantly changing rules. Moreover, we are faced with enormous problems linked to a constant and uncontrolled increase in the prices of building materials (we are talking about more than 30%), and to an extreme supply difficulties some materials”. For this, two requests are made: the first concerns the extension of the deadline to 30 June linked to single-family buildings owned by subjects with Isee higher than 25,000 euros, which constitute a very important sector of the building stock and which must be carried out without the constraint of the stringent and impracticable reference of theIsee a 25.000 euro. In fact, in many cases, the mere possession of the house already exceeds that threshold.

“No to retroactive measures”

The second request concerns the modification of retroactivity of the anti-fraud measures implemented. “Like a cold shower, following the discovery of fraud against the state – explains a note from Veneto professionals -, in recent weeks the Government and the Revenue Agency have introduced an anti-fraud measure retroactive with the decree law of 11 November in force since 12.11.2021. So even the ordinary bonuses of 50% and 65%, not to mention the face bonus, at 90% were subject to extension of the rules provided for the superbonus. We are at the forefront to operate for interventions relating to the building heritage aimed at its recovery, the improvement of energy efficiency, the adoption of anti-seismic measures, the restoration of facades as well as relating to the installation of charging columns for electric vehicles, or for the assignment of tax credits recognized by measures issued to deal with the Covid-19 emergency and relaunch the entire construction sector as a driving force for the recovery of the country. For our part it goes without saying that the relaunch we have been seeing and experiencing it for some months. Even the world of small businesses and local artisans at first skeptical has managed to gain confidence in a new financial tool to intervene on the building stock. Not to mention the banks that only since last spring have managed to “run in” the fiscal process for the credit transfer to banking institutions being of support to its customers and professionals “.

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Ordinary bonuses equal to the “super”

However, the professionals observe, the decree aims to equate the treatment of good ordinary al superbonus 110%, effectively changing the method of assignment of the credit or the invoice discount not only for the final taxpayer, but also for the actors in the field, i.e. professionals and companies, with the request to provide for the compliance visa obligation and prices also up invoices and payments already issued for work already carried out for which you want to proceed with the assignment of credit or request an invoice discount. «And all this in a manner retroactive! – add the Venetian technicians -. We would like the Government to receive a strong signal regarding the objective difficulties that technicians in general will have to face, and companies in particular, which up to now have oriented their customers towards a leaner procedure compared to the 110% procedure. As conceived, the decree 157/2021 asks architects, engineers, surveyors, ieriti, accountants to validate operations with a retroactive verification. We are sure that the norm is not unconstitutional? It is not possible to accept a rule that requires retroactive assessments and asseverations with respect to professional activities and trades already performed in the current fiscal year, putting the whole sector in crisis and seriously undermining the potential of a fundamental tool for the recovery of Italian economy, just look at the growth of the GDP which owes a lot to this maneuver by the state ”.

The risk of a boomerang

“We believe that the instrument of credit assignment / invoice discount together with a structural rule can play a fundamental role for future development, as we think the announced direction of a progressive remodeling of the beneficiary rate is also right. What we want to avoid – concludes the note from the professionals – is thevexatious attitude of measures that could leave not only many taxpayers on the table but also many professionals and artisans, who have struggled this year to carry out projects with continuous changes made during construction, additions, clarifications by Enea or the Revenue Agency, not to mention the myriad of requests and interpretations which, in addition to specifying the applicability of the rule, have created ahuge confusion. We ask for stable rules with a broad horizon, but also respect for those who work with professionalism and fairness, making themselves protagonists and participants in the positive result of our country’s economic growth ».

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