EpoquAuto 2012 film

For its 2012 campaign, Epoqu’Auto wanted to review the positioning of the show, with a specific objective: to attract a wider audience than enthusiasts and ultimately to be perceived as the true international benchmark of the old motor show. They therefore decided to launch a call for tenders on the creation of this new identity. New ambitions for Epoqu’auto and a campaign by Comète! After three years of working together, Comète therefore took up the challenge of this competition, and took the opportunity to propose a campaign radically different from previous editions. Using hyper-realistic 3D combined with an elegant and modern universe, the concept proposed by Comète won unanimous support. It will therefore carry the new ambitions of the show for the years to come. The media plan has also been enriched to respond to this new impetus. Discover the video signed Comète made for this occasion!

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